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Founding principles

Magosaburo OharaKurashiki Central Hospital (KCH) was established as an incorporated foundation by Magosaburo Ohara, the president of Kurashiki Boseki Ltd. (spinning company) on the 2nd of June 1923.

Magosaburo was greatly influenced by Juji Ishii, a Christian and also the founder of Okayama Orphanage. As a result, he developed his own humanitarian beliefs. Based on the concept of returning the wealth he had acquired through his company to society, he strove to improve working conditions, as well as founding the Ohara Agricultural Research Institute, the Ohara Institute for Social Research, the Kurashiki Institute of Labour Research and the Ohara Museum of Art. The establishment of KCH was a further manifestation of his principles. Since its establishment, KCH has cared not only for employees of the Kurashiki Spinning Company, but also for a wide range of members from the community.

Magosaburo stipulated three principles for the construction of KCH: The hospital would not be research-oriented, rather, it would meet the real needs of patients; the hospital would be a cheerful place that did not feel like an ordinary hospital; and finally, the hospital would become the best hospital in the East. Whilst pursuing these three principles, he worked in collaboration with Torasaburo Araki, the Chancellor of Kyoto Imperial University, to ensure a supply of talented staff for the hospital. At the same time, he also purchased the latest medical instruments, facilities, and equipment from Europe as well as an extensive library of medical publications to provide the very latest in medical knowledge.

Furthermore, the utmost care was taken regarding conditions for patients. The day the hospital opened, a local newspaper reported the following, “The hospital is bright and warm, like a welcoming home. When patients arrive, their spirits are lifted, and they forget their troubles. This hospital is so patient centered; people almost forget that they are ill.” One hundred years ago, what is now called patient amenity had been realized.

On reflecting upon the Hospital’s 10th anniversary, Magosaburo said, “Being satisfied with the status quo is the first step backwards. I would like everyone associated with this hospital to continually work towards improvement.” For those of us who now work here, we endeavor in our mission to inherit our founder’s idea of patient centered care in whatever form is appropriate to the times. This not only applies in daily care, but also in improvements concerning hospital facilities. With an increasing need in contemporary society to reform the social fabric and with major reforms under way in the medical world, we believe that KCH must and will evolve into the leading hospital for acute stage health care in the area, based on solid community health care partnerships.

Even today, when in the hospital’s atrium, it is possible to get a feel for the passionate ideals that led Magosaburo to found KCH.

Hospital at foundation: 1923

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