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Hospital outline

Name Kurashiki Central Hospital (Ohara HealthCare Foundation)
Type (Ownership) Private (established in 1923)
as an incorporated foundation
Clinical Departments Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology,Department of Neurology,Department of Respiratory Medicine,Department of Diabetic Medicine,Department of Nephrology,Department of Hematology/Oncology,Department of Endocrinology and Rheumatology,Department of General Medicine,Department of Psychiatry,Department of Pediatrics,Department of General Surgery,Department of Orthopedic Surgery,Department of Neurosurgery,Department of Stroke,Department of Thoracic Surgery,Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology,Department of Urology,Department of Ophthalmology,Department of Otolaryngology,Department of Head and Neck Surgery,Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery,Department of Aesthetic Surgery,Department of Dermatology,Department of Diagnostic Radiology,Department of Radiation Oncology,Department of Anesthesiology,Department of Emergency Medicine,Department of Rehabilitation Medicine,Department of Palliative Care,Department of Laboratory Medicine and Infectious Diseases,Department of Anatomic Pathology,Department of Cardiology,Department of Cardiovascular Surgery,Department of Clinical Genetics,Department of Dentistry,Department of General Internal Medicine,Department of Critical Care Medicine,

Other specialist units:
Emergency and Critical Care Center,Oncology Center,Arthroplasty Center,Shoulder Joint Treatment Center,Spine and Extremity Trauma Center,Surgery Center,Radiology Center,Dialysis Center,Endoscopy Center,Intensive Care Center,Transfusion and Hemapheresis Center,
Area of Operation The western district of Okayama Prefecture (767,942 people.)
The whole of Chugoku and Shikoku regions for advanced treatment.
Number of Patient Beds 1,172 (Ordinary: 1,157, Psychiatric:5, Class 2 Infectious Diseases: 10)
Facilities Operating rooms: 29
ICU beds: 10
Emergency ICU beds: 10
Emergency Unit beds: 12
CCU beds: 24 SCU beds: 12
MFICU beds: 6 NICU beds: 21
GCU beds: 30
Angiographic rooms: 8
PET-CT scanners:2
CT scanners: 6
MRI scanners (1.5 Tesla): 7
Area of Premises  88,436m2
Area of Buildings 148,291m2
Statistics as of JFY 2021 Inpatients to date 344,860 Av. per day;  945
Average admission period 11.5days   
Outpatients to date 620,836 Av. per day;  2,503
Operations to date 11,464   
Emergency admissions 40,423   
Ambulance numbers 9,660   
Number of Staff
as of April
1, 2022
Total; 3,791
Physicians 559 (resident doctors in training: 62)
Nurses 1,365   
Pharmacists 99  
Technical staff 469   
Clerical and other staff 728   
part-time worker 238   
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