What happens on the first time I come to the hospital? Can I make an appointment before coming?

No, an appointment for the first visit is not possible. If you come to the hospital before 11am on a weekday, please go to the front desk just as you enter the lobby for the outpatient section through the central entrance, where they will determine in which specialty you will need to have a consultation... If you arrive after this, or in the out-of-hours, please head to the emergency department through the southern exit. If you do not have a patient card yet, we will make one for you. After that, we will allot you a time for your consultation, which varies according to how busy it is that day.

Following your first consultation, you will be able to make an appointment for the next visit, if follow-up is necessary. This continues until the doctor deems that your treatment is complete. If you need to come to the hospital again after this, then the cycle starts again.

Why do I have to pay a fee for coming to this hospital? Do I need to pay this every time I come for a consultation?
According to 1994 amendments to the Medical Care Act, anyone without a referral who presents to a hospital with over 200 beds must pay an out-of-pocket fee. At this hospital, the fee is 5,400 yen. If you do not have a consultation for over a year, the respective amounts will need to be paid again upon your next visit. For the 4150 yen fee, this does not have to be the same department over the yearly period, excluding, of course, dentistry. This fee is paid in full by the patient and is not applicable for Japanese National Insurance. For private insurers, confirmation of coverage with your provider is recommended.

Can I use a credit card to pay for my consultation?

Yes, you can pay using a credit card when paying using a payment machine in the foyer. We accept: DC, UFJ, Nicos, Visa, Mastercard, MUFG, JCB, Diners Club, American Express and DISCOVER.

I don’t feel comfortable/unable to navigate through the Japanese medical system alone. Is there some assistance available?

Yes, we have a staff member here who is able to assist with the level of support you wish to receive. If you require help with your visit, please send us an enquiry email, which is linked on the main page. If you present to the hospital, please inform the staff that you require assistance.

I have special needs (e.g. religious) for treatment, does this exclude me from treatment?

Not necessarily. Please be frank and explain your circumstances so we can do our best to accommodate. Be aware that an English speaker will not be available at all times, especially if you require hospital admission.

I will require certification for referral to a foreign facility or for insurance. Is this possible?
Yes. Certain documentation will require a fee. We can also contact and relay any necessary information to your insurance company/desired hospital of referral. Please let us know what you need as early as possible.

If I have no business with the hospital, can I come and use the café and other facilities anyway?
Yes, the café and other facilities are open to the public. Please refrain from entering consultation waiting areas, diagnostic imaging areas, wards or any other area which would disturb staff and patients. If unsure, please ask.

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