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Contributing to health care in the community

Contributing to Community Health Care: Solid Partnerships with Regional Medical Institutions
KCH has been approved as a regional medical support center since June 2008. We plan on establishing stronger partnerships with local medical institutions, creating a referral system and to promote the sharing of medical devices and equipment; thus enabling the smoother and more efficient operation of medical care in the region. We also hold workshops for medical specialists in the region, in an effort to improve their capabilities as medical professionals. By doing this, we aim to improve medical care outcomes throughout the region.

01Area of Operation

Okayama Prefecture Our main area of operation is the western district of Okayama Prefecture (757,000 people) and for advanced treatment, the whole of the Chugoku and Shikoku regions (far western and south-western regions of Japan).

02Regional Medical and Consultation Center

In order to provide patients from the region with an efficient and seamless medical service, care is performed based on regional partnerships with other members of the medical community. This involves the forming of partnerships with local medical institutions, in which physicians, nurses, medical social workers and clerical staff can work in collaboration with one another. In order to strengthen this network, KCH is involved in referrals, cross referrals and medical conferences. We also publish Green Ivy, a fax newsletter for medical institutions and also are active in visiting neighboring medical institutions to obtain their feedback and input.

03An Open Hospital

An Open HospitalOpen beds have been allocated in pediatrics, urology and internal medicine, in which patients are treated jointly by their own family doctor (regional partner) and a KCH doctor.

04Emergency Care System

The practice of emergency care, essential to the wellbeing of local residents, is an issue of paramount importance at KCH. In response, our 24 hour patient response capacity, emergency patient intake and ambulance intake capacity is the largest in the prefecture. For emergencies involving premature and newborn infants, our Perinatal Center is equipped for emergency response. Used in cooperation with our regional partners, our heliport is also employed in emergencies, providing a rapid emergency response, especially for patients experiencing cardiovascular trauma.

05Facilities that Support Regional Medical Partnerships

ECG/Image Transmission Network

This system facilitates the transmission of ECG, CT, MR and other images securely over the internet, allowing KCH professionals to provide diagnostic and treatment advice to our regional partner hospitals. When necessary, the patient is transported and diagnosis and/or surgery are conducted in this hospital.

Critical Care Ambulance Unit

KCH has two critical care ambulance units, one equipped with a CCU and another for low birth weight newborns. These are staffed with doctors and equipped with artificial respirators and defibrillators enabling patients to receive a high level of medical treatment during transportation.

Community Partnership Clinical Pathways

We have established community partnership clinical pathways with our regional partner institutions to ensure a more efficient process of care. We will continue to expand the application of clinical pathways in our efforts towards a more efficient, seamless regional medical service.

Workshops and Seminars

We hold workshops and seminars in which regional medical staff are able to participate and strengthen partnerships through personal interaction and networking. We also organize an event called the Nursing Partnership Forum, in which 28 medical institutions participate.

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