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Visitor access

01Visiting hours

3pm to 7pm
Sat, Sun, Public Holidays
1pm to 7pm
Child Patients
3pm to 7pm

※Families may visit outside of these hours.
※After 8pm, all exits will be shut, except for the Emergency Ward.
※In instances where rest or medical treatment is necessary, visiting may be restricted.

02Guidelines for Visiting

In certain instances visiting may be restricted for medical reasons, depending on the patient’s condition. Be sure to speak to a member of staff at the staff station before visiting.
For intensive care, hours are further restricted. Please contact a member of staff at the staff station for more information.
Please refrain from having a large amount of visitors simultaneously, smoking, consuming alcohol or doing anything which may affect the patients’ health.
Where the patient is not in an individual room, when possible please use the visiting room (面会室 menkaishitsu) or dayroom in order to respect the privacy of other patients.
Those who are sick or have pets with them are kindly asked to refrain from visiting.

No-SmokingIn response to the hospital’s commitment to health, smoking is not permitted throughout the entire hospital premises. If you wish to smoke, please leave the premises before doing so.

Mobilephone-OKMobile use is permitted in all individual rooms, lounges, parlours and other resting areas; and wherever the mark on the right is present. Please turn your ringtone to silent while in the hospital.

Mobilephone-NGWherever the sign on the right is displayed, we kindly ask you to turn off your mobile device.

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