01Route Information

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For those using public transport

On foot  On foot
The hospital is around 15 minutes from Kurashiki Station (倉敷駅) on the JR Sanyō Honsen Line (山陽本線). Exit the south entrance from the station (南口Minami-guchi) and head down the main shopping strip (Sentā-gai センター街) opposite to the station, continuing straight for about 10 minutes. When you see a post office on your left, continue going straight through two sets of traffic lights. You will then see a path where you can go left to the outpatient section or straight ahead to the emergency department.

Bus  Bus
From Kurashiki Station:
Catch a Shimoden Bus(下電バス) headed for Nakasho-eki (中庄駅行) , Amaki-sen Kojima-eki (天城線 児島駅行) or Chayamachi-ekimae (茶屋町駅行). Get off at Chuōbyōin-mae (中央病院前). The bus should take approximately ten minutes.

From Kojima-eki (児島駅) on the JR Seto-ohashi-sen (瀬戸大橋線):
Catch a Shimoden bus head for Kurashiki-ekimae (倉敷駅行※天城線) and get off at Chuōbyōin-mae. This should take approximately 45 minutes.

From Chayamachi-ekimae (茶屋町駅) on the JR Seto-ohashi-sen:
Catch a Shimoden bus headed for Kurashiki-ekimae. Get off at Chuōbyōin-mae. This should take approximately 20 minutes.

If in doubt, print out the map above and indicate to the bus driver where you want to go. A phrase like, ‘Koko ni ikitai’; I want to go here, while you point to the place, will help.

For those coming to the hospital in a car.

Car  Car
Exit on the Kurashiki interchange on the Sanyō Highway. It should takes approximately ten minutes in light traffic from the interchange.
Google maps link for route from Kurashiki IC:

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02Parking Information

Parking Map

Parking fees

You will be required to pay for parking if:

  • You come to the hospital to visit someone(family or otherwise.)
  • Visiting Hours:   Weekdays:3pm-7pm Sat/Sun/Public Holidays: 1pm-7pm

200 yen up to and including the first hour, 100 yen per 30 minutes following.
(Parking is free for under 30 minutes)
For example: 1.5 hours costs 300 yen.

You will not be required to pay parking if:

  • You are coming to the hospital for an outpatient appointment.
  • You are dropping off or picking up someone being admitted/discharged.

※Please present proof of your visit:
For an outpatient appointment: The receipt printed when you pay for treatment.
For those dropping off and picking up an inpatient: Car-park fee exemption (駐車許可証 Chusha kyoka shō)  Inquiries: Counters 1-15、1-1、1-60、Ward Building 2 Information Counter

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