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Key policies From the Chief Medical Officer

As a world-class hospital for acute stage health care, KCH continues to be a hospital of high standards. In maintaining this, strong support from the local community and medical institutions is vital. In an effort to maintain and improve these relationships and to continue improving this hospital, the below underlying policies are practiced throughout KCH.

In practice, the fundamental principle of patient centered care must be kept in mind at all times, with medical ethics paramount. Furthermore, to continue the improvement and growth of KCH, all staff are encouraged to contribute to the development and planning of the hospital in a proactive and autonomous manner.

  1. Integrated Care
    With the increased specialization evident in modern medicine, we practice a team-based treatment, with a heavy emphasis on the care process.
  2. Safe Care
    We have an organizational culture that regards safety as a top priority and strive to ensure the continued safety of our patients.
  3. Quality of Care
    We closely manage the quality of care based on an outcome based approach and constantly strive to improve the quality of comprehensive care at all times.
  4. Assuring, Easy to Understand Care
    For patient piece of mind, procedures are explained thoroughly, with patient participation and transparency of procedures encouraged throughout the entire care process.
  5. Community Based Medical Care Services
    We are always working to strengthen our partnerships with the local community and medical institutions so we can ensure a service which is patient-centered, community-based and provides care for the whole patient.
  6. Employee Development
    We aim to equipping medical staff with advanced technical knowledge and a human touch, so we nurture professionals with a global perspective that will support future generations.
  7. Employee Satisfaction
    KCH staff face a demanding working environment involving an ever increasing number of tasks. In order to maintain job satisfaction and morale we are always working towards the improvement of both mental and physical aspects of the working environment.
  8. Improving Self-Awareness
    To respond to an evolving health care environment and changes in the needs of society, we work to improve staff awareness, ensuring that KCH always meets the demands of patients for an even better hospital.
Integrated Care

As science and technology advances, it is important that we remain focused on patient centered care as health care becomes more and more specialized and fragmented. This involves treating each patient as an individual, and also providing a healing environment in which the patient can feel at ease, both physically and mentally. Furthermore, we provide integrated care in a team environment, by creating a consultation system in which specialists from each department can cooperate and share information.

Quality of Care

In order to provide a world-class standard of care, we constantly strive to improve the quality and management of care.

Easily Understood Care

By providing patients with clear, ample and easy to understand explanations of examinations, treatments and surgery, the patient is able to choose their preferred treatment method and receive treatment with their informed consent. Effective patient communication is very important to us, and we always try to maximize patient participation in our practice of medicine.

Employee Development

Along developing medical staff with advanced technical knowledge and a human touch, we nurture professionals with a global perspective, who will support future generations.

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