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Virtual tour:Preserved Elevator with Public Phone

Preserved Elevator with Public Phone

Are you aware of the green-mesh box like structure located on the first floor of the Outpatient Building? With a bright yellow table and chair located inside, from afar it could almost be mistaken as a cage with a canary inside. This structure is actually a phone box; however it was originally an elevator at the time when this hospital was first constructed, which was in fact the first ever elevator for Kurashiki. The hospital was almost a single floor only, but for a small section of the hospital with two floors, two elevators were installed. This was a small part of the founder’s aim of creating a hospital that allowed the patient to feel at home, while introducing the latest technology for patient care. In installing the elevators, it was hoped that patient’s lives could be made a little easier. When we constructed the addition to the Outpatient Building, we wanted to preserve this symbol of patient-centred care, so we turned it into a phone box.

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