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Virtual tour:Courtyard with Lily Pond Feature

Courtyard with Lily Pond Feature

In 1923 when the hospital was established, there were originally two atriums. When the Outpatient Building was remodelled, one was relocated. The lost atrium took on a new form, with the creation of the courtyard space in the Ward Building 3 construction. Lilies, yellow water-lilies and other varieties were placed in an ornamental-stone pond to achieve this. The fountain feature is a creation of Masatoshi Izumi. The green stone in the centre of the pond was sourced from Shirashi Island in the Seto Inland Sea and the granite for the fountain was sourced from Kakuda, Miyagi. This rock was then crafted by Masatoshi to create a gently flowing rock surface leading into a small crevice, creating a soothing sound of splashing water.


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