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Red Tiled Roofing

In the Edo period, Kurashiki was prosperous as a territory under direct control of the feudal government, with white-walled warehouses featuring black-tiled roofs lining both sides of the Kurashiki river, giving an animated air. At the time of hospital establishment, an architect recommended that rather than the conservative black tiles, the hospital should go with a red tile instead, to which Magosaburo Ohara immediately agreed upon. For Magosaburo, who wanted to create a bright place to help people struggling with disease, the red tiles seemed the perfect choice for this hospital, standing in the midst of rice fields. Rather than a bright red, these unglazed cinnabar tiles made in southern Osaka had a relaxed feel to them. Even as we expand and improve our hospital, we continue the tradition of the red-tiles like the atrium, which are both familiar characteristics of the hospital.

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