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Old Fashioned Illumination

Under Magosaburo Ohara, it was ensured that the best staff were sourced and the best medical facilities and equipment were procured for this hospital. Magosaburo also took patients’ needs in consideration in the creation of this hospital, by taking the initiative in creating a hospital environment which promoted healing. Windows were made large and wards made so that they were abundant in natural light and well aired. Fittings, doors and windows were all made to have kinder, rounded edges. The interior was coloured by mixing grey with purple to create a relaxed, yet bright feel in the hospital. This was all done according to Magosaburo’s ideal of making the hospital feel like a home, with even the light fittings being chosen accordingly. The light fittings featured here are an example of the reuse of materials to preserve the original feel of the hospital. Even as we upgrade and create new hospital buildings and facilities, we have preserved the atrium, and we carefully reuse materials from windows, stairs and lighting to continue the legacy of Magosaburo and his ideals.

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