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Stained Glass

The light similar to that filtering through trees in a forest is alluring when passing by this feature. Situated slightly south of the Lily Pond and café area, this glass feature stands at 4 m vertically and 3.7 m horizontally, in a pentagonal shape. The glass features a blue pattern which resembles a fine sky, interlaced with green and brown segments. When the western sun filters through, a gentle mosaic flickers through of green, brown and yellow. It is as if one is in the forest, basking in the gentle sunlight filtering through the trees. We hope that patients can enjoy the sun with this feature. The artist is a leading glass artisan currently situated in Fukuyama, Shizuho Funaki. The next time you’re at the hospital, take a second to stop and enjoy this feature. You may even hear the birds in the trees...

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