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Virtual tour:Queen Margaret

Queen Margaret

Situated beside the elevators in the entrance hall, the angelic face portrayed in this replica is a welcoming sight for visitors to the hospital. The original is currently in the Museo del Prado in Spain. Originally, this was located in a waiting room in the old outpatient building, situated to the south of the hospital, next to where many blossoming cheery blossom trees are seen in spring. In Magosaburo Ohara’s efforts to move things along with the Kurashiki Boseki Hospital (old name for this hospital,) he ordered Torajiro Kojima, who was at that time procuring well-known western art pieces for the Ohara Museum of Art, to go to Paris and purchase some replicas of highly-prized art of the time. Queen Margaret is one of these. According to Tarojiro’s diary, before the opening of the hospital, he, a carpenter and a professional mounter mounted a total of 70 frames over two days in each room of the hospital. Some of these still remain to this day, in the waiting area for the outpatient internist departments, the blood collection area and in hallways and waiting rooms on the second floor of the Outpatient Building.

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