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Virtual tour:Fresco Painting: Saptarishi

Fresco Painting: Saptarishi

Did you know that the various corridors around the hospital have names? There is the atrium east corridor, the atrium west corridor, the nightingale corridor and the north corridor. Each corridor usually carries a theme to do with the corridor, in which paintings and so forth are placed. The fresco painting Saptarishi was brought into the hospital when Central Parlour was opened, with this painting setting the theme for the north corridor. Fresco painting is a technique from the west used on mainly murals, where sand and lime are mixed to make a plaster which is simply dissolved using water to create colours. The result is paint superior in both beauty and durability.

This is a work of Tanpei Sakuno. The light orange building in the bottom right corner is said to represent the town in which Tanpei went to in Italy for artisan study. He has also painted fresco pieces for the Kurashiki Physical Examination Centre, the hall facing the dining area in Ivy Square and the governmental chamber for the City Office.

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