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Virtual tour:Nightingale Corridor Mini Gallery

Nightingale Corridor Mini Gallery

The first artist to be selected by the Ohara Museum of Art’s ARKO, which supports young artists, was the work of Miyuki Tsugami. When Miyuki sketches, she incorporates a sense of time and space into what she terms as a view. The paintings displayed are a result of Miyuki coming to Kurashiki for five days. In this time she portrayed the roof-scape of the town and the hustle of people down below going about their lives and took this in while surveying the landscape of the criss-crossing rivers. She then went to the source of these rivers, the Takahashi River and took in its essence. Based on her time here she produced four artworks which were produced as a single series.

"View-A story of water,2010"
(Starting from the right)
View: A story of water at 10:50am, 27th Jul, 2010
View: A story of water, at 2:30pm, 30th Jul, 2010
View: A story of water, at 7:22am, 28th Jul, 2010
View: A story of water, at 3:07am, 30th Jul, 2010

Nightingale Corridor Mini Gallery

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