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“Ah! That’s Nemo!” says a small girl as she rushes over to gaze at the yellowtail clownfish, made famous in an instant by the Disney film. From the green chromis fish swimming leisurely at the top of the tank, a bright display of fish in blue, yellow, pink, orange, white and black can be enjoyed. There are around 80 varieties and 120 to 130 fish in the tank, including the yellow vertically striped regal anglefish and the pink square anthias. There are 8 varieties of shrimp and crab, with about 15-16 in total. Their interesting shape and movement are worth a look; however they are shy and like to hide in the coral so you will have to look well for them. Starting with the light green prickly alveopora, there are 40 varieties of coral, numbering around 60 in total. The water is changed every six months so it can keep a sparkle similar to that of the Indian Pacific, complimenting the fish from this region. The fish are fed every day at 8am and 5pm, making an interesting spectacle.


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